It All Started.......

My weekend started out with me and my husband deciding to escape for a weekend in our home town of Las Vegas and experience the things that all the tourists experience and have some fun. Of course we ended up at the Fremont Street Experience and the Golden Nugget where we could get a nice room on such short notice. Something that we didn’t expect was spring breakers were in town and there were parties going on everywhere.

It was Friday night so after a short dinner we decided to let loose a little and have a few cocktails, (a few more than we should have) and enjoy some of the relaxed attitude that we were surrounded by. We headed for a spot that was very loud and people were throwing beads from a balcony like in New Orleans called the Gold Digger. What a wonderful place and a hopping atmosphere. I am sure that we were the only locals there because we didn’t blend at first.

As the night rolled on I noticed a few guys that were in a group by themselves paying a little extra attention to me and even flirting a little when I was away from my husband. Eventually, one of them approached us and asked if I would dance and of course my husband said go have some fun.

After a few dances and him flirting and touching me a little provocatively, I began to feel myself getting very interested in more than just dancing and listening to him talk to me very erotic. I decided to go take a break with my ever flirting husband who has been making his way around the room meeting every girl in the place. As I sat down with him my dancing partner sent us drinks from across the room and waved. My husband said while giggling; so I see you have made a lasting impression. My response was without thinking, well he sure did!

Somehow this remark aroused my husband and got us on the subject of fantasies and sex with multiple people at the same time. Now I was ready for anything and just at that moment my husband said; well, if you would like to try it why don’t you see if you can make it happen with your new friend. After a few minutes of butterflies in my belly and not knowing what to say my dance buddy came up and asked if he could dance with me some more. My husband’s remarks were she would love it, why don’t you guys have a drink or two while I visit. At that point I got up and danced while he began making his way around the room again. This time we danced one time and sat down to have a drink. I am not sure how it came out but he said to me; Would you be insulted if I told you that I would pay to have sex with a woman like you and you can consider that an offer. I couldn’t respond at that time all choked up and then these words just shot out of my mouth; I couldn’t do anything without my husband. WOW, I felt dumb and then he said, Should I ask him? At this point I was extremely nervous because I was unsure of my husband’s reaction. I sat there and didn’t say a word. He waved over my husband while I sat there like a little girl unprepared for what may happen next.

I have been enjoying your wife for most of the night and thinking how beautiful she is.
My husband just listening and standing up while we were both sitting down, I was noticeably nervous! I would like to spend some time with your wife and I am willing to pay for it. My husband interrupts and says; that would not be possible without my presence but what did you have in mind? I knew that they were going to come to some sort of agreement and I was going to enjoy it. Besides I really wanted to spend more time with my new friend. My husband walked away and winked at me and said I’ll be back in a minute; I am going to the gift shop. You two chat for a while.

My new friend immediately put his hand on my hand rubbing me softly and said; I think we worked it out, would you like to dance some more before he gets back?

While we were dancing he kissed me softly on the neck and once on the lips making me loosen up. I couldn’t wait for what was about to be my first threesome, I thought.

By the time my husband returned I was very nervous and was not sure if I was ready. My new friend was also a little nervous waiting on my husband to say goodbye to everyone. Finally he said; let’s go up to the room and we followed him up looking at each other like teenagers sneaking around. As we got in the door I can remember being very wet, my husband handing him condoms and him coming straight for me kissing me softly on my mouth and slowly undoing my slacks. He very softly laid me on my back and slowly licked my nipples and then went down on me causing my first orgasm. The whole time this was taking place my husband was watching not yet trying to participate.

After what seemed like an eternity of oral pleasure and sex between us, I asked my husband if he would like to join in before we ended the evening and his response was; this is for your pleasure and I enjoy watching you in ecstasy.

As we were sitting there saying our goodbye’s my friend was asking if it was possible to see me again the next time he was in town. My husband’s response was; I don’t think it will be a problem with some notice; would you like to see him again? Of course I would, that was wonderful. At that moment my friend gave me a wad of money all folded up. I was shocked! I didn’t know how to react but I wasn’t mad. It felt good! He then reached over and kissed me and said; I would like to take you for an early dinner on the 25th if you wouldn’t mind and afterwards we can enjoy each other. Is it an appointment? I did not know what to say or what my husband had gotten me into but I was enjoying everything so much I just said yes, we can do it. Are you alright with it honey and he said yes, you guys have fun. I gave him my contact information and he left.

I don’t think that my husband and I spoke about that again until we were on our way home, at which time I said; I loved what you did for me, how did you like it? For some reason I was nervous but he didn’t seem to be. He said; I really enjoyed seeing you have such a great time and you just letting lose. Don’t take this wrong but it really turned me on watching that side of you. I am horney right now just thinking of it. Then he asked; how much did he pay you for sex? I didn’t even count it. I got the money out and it was $1500.00. We were both just silent for a minute and my husband said; does that bother you? No, I loved it. I can’t believe he gave me that much. Is he going to do this the next time he is in town? That was about 3 hours of great fun and I got paid for it. We didn’t speak again till we were back home. For some reason when we got home we went straight to the bedroom and loved each other for about 20 minutes and then started talking.

I guess I couldn’t get what I was thinking off of my mind so I just came out and asked; do you think I could make a lot of money doing this if I had a few more friends like him? First, I was with you the whole time, you might want to see how it goes next time when I am not there. Second, that was a freak accident that doesn’t happen everyday. Third, where would you find these additional friends and how is the new one going to react when he finds out you want to be a call girl? I don’t know about this but I will support whatever you decide. You better wait and see how the next date goes before you jump in with both feet. And then he said; By the way, I told him if he was willing to pay then give you a grand. I was calling his bluff and he did, that’s what happened. Wealthy men don’t usually come in 35 year old packages so you got to remember, any new friends that are wealthy are probably going to be older so think of that when considering all this stuff.

At this point I have not yet had my second date but I think about it everyday. My husband seems to worry about how he would protect me in my endeavor if he didn’t actually know everyone I meet. There are a lot of things I need to think about. I would love to hear from anyone who is intrigued by this or has any experience. I will write another blog after my next date on the 25th.


My Call

Well, I got the call I was so anxiously awaiting verifying our plans next week and I should add the call was about half an hour long and most of it between him and my husband. You would have thought they were long time friends. In any case my husband said it just helps him with the worrying that he is feeling for my safety. We are feeling at ease with this he said and I am not sure why. The first time was to much fun and I think this is one of those things ya can't duplicate again like first time sex .
When I was talking on the phone with my friend all we did was talk dirty and make each other horney. It worked to! My husband got the benefits of that and when we were done and just laying there he said; Your friend said something on the phone to me that hit home, He said, I hope giving money to her didn't make her feel like a whore, that wasn't my intention by any means. We both just laid here for a second with know response and then he said; did you think of this like that? I sure didn't he said. It was going through my mind that I should be bothered but I wasn't. I responded with a question and said; does that bother you? I got the typical answer, I will support you if you decide this is something you wanna try but I think we should put a time limit on it. Think about that! My issue is your safety and I am bothered with that more than anything.
When they were talking on the phone I did here my husband express that she thought it was great to get the money and was joking about having a few friends like you that she could see once in a while. I know it is out in the open now and I just haven't asked him everything that was said yet.
Will post more after my night out next week.

I am open to any comments about this especially if you have been through something like this before.

The First Time Alone

It was Saturday morning and I was excited and a little hung over from drinking and discussing how we were going to handle this day. We have discussed all of the possibilities and we think that every base is covered when my phone rings. Yes it is my friend! Hi Mercedes, This is Pat and my plans have changed slightly. I am in Vegas and still want to see you but my evening plans have changed. Is there a chance we could do something today like take a ride or is there some place you would like to go? The hotel said check in is 3:00pm but they can get me in around noon. I have a business dinner at 7:00 so I have all day. My excitement disappeared and I responded that I was going to take a ride to Mount Charleston with my husband so I would have to talk to him and that I would call right back. In reality my husband was listening the whole time and when I hung up he said; what now? I told him the story and his response was jokingly; Let me call and cancel my date! Does anything ever go as planned he said. It is your call if you want to take him with us, otherwise reschedule. I called Pat back and asked if he would like to go with us and have a cocktail in the mountains and he promptly asked if my husband was going and I said yes. Good, I need to chat with him and is there a possibility of any privacy with you? It is not likely, there is a lot of people up there. Maybe we can hike for a while.

We agreed to meet at the Sante Fe Station Parking lot and get in one vehicle about 11:00am for the half hour ride. My husband was a quiet for a little while and then spouted " So whats going on Pat?" Pat responded, Would Mercedes really like to make money once in a while like we discussed? Yes, but on our terms. Do you have a friend that is interested? Pat said; I am in the construction business and working on a project called the City Center on the strip. I am traveling in and out of town with friends who would prefer some female companionship. I have a meeting that was asked for as soon as someone found out I was going to be in town; that is what ruined our other plans. My husband quickly responded; We choose or we don't do it! I was just sitting here listening to all of this wondering where Pat was heading with this. I couldn't help but think that he had already arranged something for this evening and was trying to work it out.

As we were driving up the mountain my husband said; what do you think about this? I thought this is what we talked about doing for a while. I am interested! Pat was grinning and I could see that my husband was still contemplating this in his mind. As we pulled up to the lodge my husband kissed me on the fore head and said; Will you please go see if we can have a few seats by the fireplace? I will show Pat around and we'll join you shortly. I looked at Pat and continued into the Lodge. I couldn't find seats available inside so I went out the back door to get us a spot on the deck.

After several minutes and a Mount Charleston Coffee the boys came walking up the hill, both of them a little less stressed and speaking of taking a hike. Pat looked over and said I am sorry for ruining your family day and I will do anything to make it up to you. Your husband said you were very excited about our dinner this evening and I am wondering if I could still make that happen for you? Before I could say a word he said; with a new person, not me. I will give you $1500 to spend time with him!

I felt a little weird but said, ok a little hesitantly. My husband immediately said; who is the guy and without letting Pat answer, said; this is just one guy right? Pat answered yes and she can meet him after dinner this evening at Diablos in front of the Monte Carlo on the strip. We will be there about 9:00 and I will be there with him until you decide you wanna go up to the room. He is staying at the Monte Carlo.

I was turned on just talking about it. We didn't even hike we just sat there and talked about work for a while and then my husband asked, 'How old is your friend?' 48 Pat responded and single. He is recently divorced and could use some female companionship for a while.

As our day on the mountain was ending and we were dropping Pat at his car his last words were "Wear something conservative, bye."

My husband was going to spend his time waiting for me back stage with a friend that does lighting for one of the shows at the Mirage. As he dropped me off he said; make sure you text me the room number when you go up stairs. Just do it when you use the bathroom. If you don't like the guy and you want out of it text me right away and I will come get you. Remember that I can't get up stairs without a room key so once you commit to going up you are kinda stuck. I could tell he was worried.

My husband dropped me off out in front of Diablos. Pat was out on the side walk by himself. The place was packed and people were standing outside waiting to get in. Pat kissed me as though he was showing off and led me in to the place. It was very loud and shoulder to shoulder. He grabbed my hand and led me towards the back where a silvered haired gentlemen introduced himself as Grant. It was so loud that he was screaming just to talk to me. Really quick Pat said; would you like to go somewhere more quiet? We both shook our heads and out we went. As we got back out on the side walk where we could talk Grant asked if I would like to go in the Monte Carlo to a place more quiet. Sure I said! I think I am going to take off for the night Pat said. I will see you about 8:00 am right Grant? As he hugged me goodbye he said; I am going to meet your hubby right now and I'll take care of things with him. And, I thought in the back of my mind that he was going to stay until I was sure.

As we headed in the front door Grant asked if I would just like to go straight up to his room? I could see that this was not going to be like the first time at all but he was very respectable looking so I said yes.

My husband was right, security was at the elevator asking to see room keys before they allowed you to get on an elevator. Are you hungry or would you like some wine or cocktails Grant asked. Sure Grant, why don't you pick. It was quiet the rest of the way to the room. As we got off the elevator I noticed that we were at the top or very close. When we entered I realized that we were in a very large suite with all of the amenities including living and sleeping areas. What a great view! The first thing I said was could I use the restroom and Grant responded; only if you are going to use it to change into something real sexy. I giggled and went in to text the room number to my husband. After a minute of primping myself, I went out to hear Grant say; how about champagne? Sure. So tell me Mercedes, I have not been with a women in a while and I would be interested in you controlling everything tonight by telling me to do what ever you like. How can I please you? I didn't know what to say. I just went over and slowly started kissing on him. You could see he was very nervous, actually shaking. I told him that I was very nervous too and that I was really new at this and maybe he should be in control. At that point he slowly started to kiss me and started rubbing between my legs. I also started rubbing back and realized that he was not erect yet. I was very excited but he did not seem to be, so I slowly started undressing him pants first. I slowly started to move down on him and orally pleasure him when instantly he became erect. As I began to pleasure him he pushed my head away and had a small orgasm. Grant responded; I would just like to play with you for a while or watch you play a little bit. I didn't say anything I just finished getting undressed, laid next to him and took his hand and put it on my vagina making him rub me in a certain way as to make me very aroused. He didn't talk or give much impression so I didn't have a clue if he liked it or not but he was still erect. I thought that if I put my breasts in his mouth it would help. As my nipple touched his lips I finally felt his fingers slip inside of me. He whispered; can you have an orgasm on my fingers? I said; just keep doing what your doing and it will probably work. After a few minutes I was tightening up and getting close to having an orgasm when I felt him growing in my hands. I really wanted that inside me by this time but didn't know how to tell him. I stopped myself from having a huge orgasm and asked him if I could get on top. He wouldn't stop rubbing inside of me and I couldn't hold back any more and just let go. Grant shocked me by going down on me and sucking everything out of me. I loved it but I was not done. As I tried to roll over and get on top of him he pushed me to my hands and knees and moved around behind me. He asked, do I need a condom and I said yes please. I could hear him tearing the package and I asked if he wanted me to do it and as I went to turn around he grabbed my hips and said hold on! I felt him push my head down on the bed and he shoved his penis in me. It kinda shocked me a little and I made some noise that made him cum instantly. It only took about 10 seconds and I could feel him tighten up and start throbbing filling up the condom.

He backed out of me and laid on his back without saying anything. He looked very satisfied catching his breath and grinning but I was not sure. He looked at me for a few minutes and said; why don't you get cleaned up and we can go to the casino. He was very much in a rush it seemed to get out of the room. The bottle of champagne never did get to the room so I opened the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of water on the way to the bathroom. I could hear him getting dressed without really cleaning up and the condom smell wouldn't just go away. I asked if I could rinse in the shower and didn't get a response. He was acting like he was embarrassed and couldn't wait to get rid of me. I cleaned up without a shower and came out of the bathroom and he handed me a 100 dollar bill. I said; this is not necessary and he quickly said; Please take it and keep my secret between us. I was not sure of what he was talking about then he immediately said; you know, I don't last long. I felt bad and realized he was embarrassed so I told him not to worry and that I enjoyed it and would like to see him again and Pat would never know anything. He gave me a great big smile and asked how he could contact me in the future.

On the way down the elevator I was texting my husband letting him know I was ready to leave. Wow, That was quick came back over the phone. Coming out the font door is what my text said and to my surprise the response was; I am at the round bar as you come in. I looked at Grant and said; Would you like me to come with you? No! I will call tomorrow if I need anything he said! I didn't know how to take that but I kissed him on the cheek and said; Hope I get to see you again. Have fun.

I am not sure if I liked this one tonight and usually I am still horny but the truth came out that I was just a present for someone. A young man with money was showing off, I Think. I enjoyed Pat a lot when we were laying down but now I am not so enthusiastic. My husband always fixes the short falls so I just want to go home. As I walked up to my husband he said; That took all of 30 minutes, Is he OK? as he giggled. I gotta big smile and he handed me a roll of money. You smell funny he said as he kissed me on the cheek. We better go get in the shower, I stink like cigarettes.